Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Ah-ha! Its TUESDAY!! This only means that there are 2 days left until Friday! Yes :) Yet another long work day, especially trying to catch up for Monday's loss. Thursday is tail-gate day with the crew. I can't wait!

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

Dress, AA. Skirt, Libertine Target. Sunnies, F21. Shoes, Vince Camuto. Bracelets, thrifted. Watch, gift.


R said...

I love that skirt, its super flattering!

Mimi said...

love the sunnies

annabananna said...

that high waisted skirt is really superb!

erika said...

cute look! i wish it was that hot yesterday. i got sick!

Ediot said...

you look great in that highwaisted skirt. not many can pull it off- but you can

NewlyInspired said...

THank you! This is my utmost FAVORITE skirt that I won so far! I'm hoping another one comes along at a local thrift!