Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Flip Flop.

Didn't have much option to choose from when heading off to school today. I forgot to do the laundry, leaving me some unexpected clothings I've acquired from the past, but yet believe they will come handy one day. Today is one of those days :) Wore my flip flops today, which is VERY rare of me. Today I felt they worked for my outfit in a wierd way. If I had more time I would have found some skinny jeans and paired them with my brown ankle minnetonka boots!

Excuse the awkward faces. The hubby decided to yell random words right before he hit the "click" button. Fun times though!

Jeans, Seven. Shirt, Free People. Sandals, Reef. Hat, F21. Bracelets, thrifted.


Siljesfashion said...

Great look! Love the hat.

Ediot said...

you look great in that hat!

fashionfix said...

Just read your little "introduction post". My husband is in Southern California right now and is a US Marine! I'm hoping we're stationed there but don't know yet, he's just finished MCT. Kinda cool to randomly find someone with things in commmon :)

NewlyInspired said...

Siljesfashion: Thank you so much! F21 score!

Ediot: Thanks lovely!

fashionfix: OMG! Semper Fi! My hubby has been in for a while now. Just keep trucking for one another!

fashion* CHALET said...

You're so pretty!
Love the hat =-)