Monday, March 31, 2008


Another day, another dollar. I feel cold about 90% of the time no matter what season. This is the reasoning behind my constant wear of leggings or stockings at work. It is pretty cold in the morning; I'm out of my house by 5:40 a.m. to catch the 6:05 a.m. coaster. Since the sun isn't out it gets REALLY cold. In the office, its just cold. Apprarently some people like to have the AC on blast. Wierdos. It does feel good to step out at noon for lunch and be exposed to the warmth of the sun.

Outfit: Dress, F21. Boots, Boutique in NYC. Shirt, Thrifted. Stockings, F21.


I like to think i'm a princess most days. I'm sure we all do :)

Saw this headband at Kohls the other day while shopping for bedding. I never really looked at the Simply Vera Wang line at Kohls, but i'll admit that I am loving the accessories. Cheap and chic; my two favorite categories. I wore the headband out the store because I loved it so much :) Another sunny day in the city, here's to hoping for no rain next week...

Outfit: Shoes, gift from BFF. Shorts, F21. Shirt, AA. Bracelets, F21 and Thrifted. Headbad, Simply Vera Wang from Kohls.

Date Night.

Hubby and I had our date night. We had dinner at our favorite "mom and pop" Thai place. We try to have date night as much as possible. Since his new schedule and my school conflict at times, its been hard. We still manage though!

I was cleaning out my closet when I stumbled upon this cropped Hollister jacket. I'll admit, I did have a short Hollister phase when the brand came out in 2002. There's a long story behing me and Hollister, i'll have to sum it up one day; it deals with me meeting the hubby :)

Outfit: Dress, Thrifted. Jacket, Hollister. Bag, Thrifted. Boots, Minnetonka Tramper. Tights, Target. Bracelets, Thrifted and F21. Sunnies, Gucci.

Good Luck Chuck.

Chuck Taylors. A classic must have for those lazy Sundays. These shoes, to me, are similar to a little black dress. Must have them just in case. I have been noticing more advertising for Chuck Taylors lately; editorial look they're going for. I LOVE them

Outfit: Jeans, Hudson. Shoes, All-Star. Tee, Thrifted. Bracelets, F21/Thrifted. Hat, small booth from the Del Mar fair.

Sunny Days.

Summertime and the livings easy.

I LOVE the sun. Saturday was such a great day. Was tempted to do some thrifting, but got lazy =( I noticed that I have been obsessively wearing my gladiator sandals. I can't help it, they're super comfy!

Oufit: Shorts, thrifted GAP. Sandals, ebay. Bag, Balenciaga. Shirt, Thrifted (believe it or not...Hollister). Bracelets, F21.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Friday I woke up late. Almost missed the train. Was lazy to get ready for work today. Even though the day started out "blah" I did have an appointment with the Dior counter for a makeover =) It went well!

Outfit: Tee, thrifted. Scarf, F21. Jeans, LF. Sandals, Ebay.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have a confession...

I'm addicted to makeup. Not just any makeup brand, MAC Cosmetics. Ahh, I feel relieved. LOL!

But on a serious note, although I don't usually wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis, I do go "full-out" on dates with the hubby and/or playing with the girlfriends. My infatuation with MAC all started when I stumbled upon Temptalia's website. Her site offers tons of information to the newly interested makeup artist. I've learned many techniques through her massive archive and continue to learn more with each post. My favorite posts are her Tutorials and Looks. Check her site out and let me know if you too have gained an addiction.

Although not as massive as Temptalia's, below are some photos of my growing collection. Enjoy!


Continuing from my Disneyland post...

During my visit I was on a hunt for some couture disney jewelry.

Operation: Failed.

Unfortunately within Disneyland they do NOT sell this jewelry. After asking around I got word that the craved jewelry may be sold outside at the Disney Walk. Sad part is that we did not get to go there =(. On the brighter side, we do have the 2-fer pass which means we'll be able to go back and visit California Adventure Park. This means YES for fulfilling my hunt for disney couture. Here are a few pieces i'm eyeing. Of course these are only wishes, unless a miracle happens and the hubby lets me get a piece.

Here's to hoping for miracles...


I've caved. Although a different color, it still falls under the spring theme I was going for. Now all I have to do is make a stop at the local American Apparel and see what other cravings I can fulfill. Of course this will have to be in the much later future...

Disneyland. Where a kid can run a muk, and an adult can be a kid! We visited the "happiest place on earth" this past weekend. The sister-in-law (plus her family), and the hubby and I took a long awaited trip to Disneryland. Rocked the gladiators during our trip. Recieved a bunch of looks, mainly on the positive side :) Didn't get a fully body photo, but here are some from our fun-filled trip.

I love Spare Mountain :)

Outfit: Romper, Lisa Kiline. Sandals, Ebay. Sunglasses, F21. Necklace, Sanrio.

Hump Day.

Ahh, the middle of the week. Only 1 more day until Friday! My sister-in-law came to visit for 5 days, which explains why I've been missing in action. But i'm back =) I'll be doing a post about the inspirations i've come across during her visit. Please excuse the "choppyness" in my photos. Photographer, aka hubby, wasn't available =)

Stay tuned...

Outfit: Dress, Jovovich-Hawk for Target. Boots, some store in NYC. White tee, thrifted wet seal. Belt, thrifted.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have been on a hunt to add to my wardrobe. Here are a few of my current cravings.

1. Studed Cuff
2. Vintage inpired Aviators

3. Oxford Pumps

4. Sheer Tank Top

5. High-Waisted Cordoroy Shorts

6. Red Bandage Skirt

7. Lame Bra Top

8. Flex Fleece Hoodie (bigger the better)

9. Wing Necklace

10. Pink Balenciaga

11. Lame Leggings

12. Bamboo Inspired Bracelets

What are you craving this moment?


Oh how we all love thy style.

Both ladies have very unqiue styles. MK has a very hippy-vibe to her style. She mixes unique hippyish items for every season. Ashley has a more pulled-together-prep-ish style. She likes to add men-inspired fashion pieces to her everyday look. Both ladies, although their styles slightly differ in uniqueness, are very inspiring to me. I LOVE their accesories and their shoes. Oh the shoes! Of course this would be how I would describe their style. How would you all describe the Olsen style?

Oh to have a bajillion dollars and be able to shop without thinking about prices...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shoe Obsession.

Dress, thrifted. Vest, F21. Boots, Ebay.

Bracelets, thrifted and random shops. Sunglasses, PacSun.

Shoe obsession. Everygirls worst [or best] friend and every guys worst nightmare. I have a slight addiction to purchasing shoes. Okay...I have a HUGE addiction to shoes. My husband [yes, i'm married] always tells me "stop buying shoes, they take up all the space in the closet!" I can't. All I hear in my head when I'm out shopping [which is usually NOT for sure] is "must buy these shoes." Its bad. Maybe there's a 12-step program for breaking a shoe obsession?

Here's a list i'm eyeing at the moment:

Via Spiga Filas Mid-Shaft Lace-up Boots

Max Studio Russell Leather T-Strap Pumps

Kors by Michael Kors Mandarin Fisherman Sandal

Max Studio Flicker Leather Strappy Sandals