Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ay Bay Bay.

Here's the two little guys (nephews) that I LOVE to pieces whom I visited this past weekend. They are cousins and barely 1 year old. I wish I could see them everyday.



Love this look found from Teen Vogue. I'm thinking of trying to incorporate this into my work wear. Hmmm....


Oh yes...and did I mention I saw Snoop Dogg live?! Love him. Here's me with my wifey friends after a night of debauchery. LOL :)




Denise said...

wow the babies are sooo cute can i adopt them ;) im jealous you saw snoop dog on stage hes amazing!
the pictures of your last outfits are kinda stretched, is it my computer or are they supposted to be like that?

Ediot said...

the jacket is vintage-- bought it from a secondhand store 2 years ago.
take care!

Fashionable Obsessions said...

cute hat!