Friday, April 25, 2008


Summer's in the air...everywhere I go.

Okay maybe spring. LOL. Today started off bad with the previous train having yet another accident. Both tracks were delayed for 2 hours!!! I then called the boss lady and asked to telecommute. Man, 2 hours!!! However, the day quickly turned wonderful with thrifting, gift shopping, and Panera Bread. Yum.

The lovely lizziethegreat featured me in her blog today referncing my denim post. I can't express how flattered I feel! Thank you!! She did a great job of incorporating the denim skirt.

Tomorrow is a MAC filled day. I did a post a while back regarding my obsession with makeup. Well, tomorrow my local MAC counter is hosting an event for their Naughty Nauticals line of makeup. See here for more info on this line. Temptalia is a great site. Love everything on it! Tomorrow's event is a class on makeup. I take the classes whenever I hear about them to learn new techniques and play with the new colors. MAC normally hosts these events around the debut of a makeup line. However, not all debuts will have an event. You'll need to make friends with a MAC artist or stop by and ask if you're ever around one. Highly recommend these classes. I'll post a few of the things and thoughts they tell us tomorrow.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend :)

Dress, Lucca. Blazer, thrifted. Boots, Minnetonka. Bracelets, F21/thrifted. Sunnies, Pac Sun.


Mickie said...

Hey hey hey, sorry if you already got this, but you've been tagged, see my page for more details!

mej said...

love what you're wearing! i'm loving the pairing. *goes crazy about boots* i recently bought fringe boots, but i've nowhere to wear them cos it's super hot here, save for some random rain showers. it's always hot. ooh, i also like the closer and clearer photos. the details are awesome up close.;)

Denise said...

wow this outfit is amazing. AGAIN!
i did never dare to wear a dress with minnetonkas and a blazer, but i have to say it looks amazing!
have a nice weekend!

Ediot said...

hellO! about envelope clutch. it's 24.50$ total- with postage included

Mimi said...

Love that look.Blazers&summer dresses match perfect together.
by the way your blog is you want to exchange links?

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Ediot said...

really love the dress. its so cute

Nico. said...

Love the blazer over the dress.