Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Flipping through Elle. Love these looks.

Erin Fetherston:

Nautical and flowy like the wind, yum.

Love the Black and White canvas look with a shot of color in her shoes.

So much color...loves it. The tough boots add instant edge.

Charlotte Ronson:

Plaid is wonderful. Those shoes remind me of a modern cowboy boot.

So fun and flirty :)

School girl chic. I will definately be doing my version of this outfit.

So Prom Queen casual. LOVE!

Alexander Wang:

This would have to be my favorite look. Effortless casual. Another inspiration.

Would LOVE to own this dress (or similar one) to rock when the girls all come out to play.

The hair. The lightweight tee. Everything!!

This is very cute for work. Of course for work i'd take the length down a little or keep the length and add extreme black tights and heels.


lara said...

Some cute casual outfit, it's a good inspiration for outfits for school!!

Ediot said...

dig the plaid dress from erin's collection
and all from wang. that man is a genius!

NewlyInspired said...

Thank you for your comments! They motivate me truely :)

lara-Very cute for school!! I've noticed alot of fall wear was headed this way :)

ediot-Extreme genius!! Thanks for the lovely comments, you're so sweet!