Friday, April 11, 2008

Work Days = School Days

Thursday's outfit. Decided to act as though my workplace was a private school. I suppose at times it does feel like school with all the reading and writing that goes on. Wore my glasses today since my right eye is acting up (its been red for the past day or so).

Outfit: Skirt, thrifted. Shirt, Wet Seal. Leggings, F21. Boots, Dolce Vita


WendyB said...

Cute skirt!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

another killer outfit
I really love your skirt
and grey boots
I want them!

Siljesfashion said...

Great outfit, epsecially like the boots. Is dolce vita a store or a brand?

Ediot said...

like the whole outfit- a lot! the skirt is great but so is the simple tshirt

NewlyInspired said...

This skirt was a good find! It really reminds me of the private school girls uniform that I see everyday on the train :)

wendyb-Thanks lovely!

jen-Dolce Vita makes great and comfortable boots!!! I highly recommend!

siljesfashion-Hello! Its a brand, not sure if they have a store up though :( They have a web site too!

ediot-THANKS!! I've had this shirt for years too. Yay to reusing!

Auntie Tati said...

The skirt is amazing!

p said...

wow. the skirt and the entire ensemble, together with the glasses, looks fantastic!