Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Attention all sale hunters! ASOS clearance has some really cute (and discounted) shoes. Here are a few of my picks:

KG Point Toe Ankle Boot (my fave!!!!)

Leather cross front sandel (second fave!!!!)
Leather Wedge Shoe Leather Front Lace Shoe
Leather T-Bar Sandal

Buckle Detail Biker Boot

Fringe Detail Flat Boot (LOVES!)

Front Laced Sligback Shoe Boot

What are your picks?


A red lipstick said...

I love number 1 and 3.

Poetic Fashion said...

I love the fringe! I'm going to see how much they are :)

One Sweet Day said...

omg thank you for announcing the sale. Those shoes are worth every dime in my bank. haha.
Your outfit down there looks so cute btw~ I used to go to California Adventure all the time when I lived in La Palma. *sigh, I miss cali..

R said...

Oh wow so cute, I'll have to check this out, I love 1 and 3, also 6 & 7 boots.. Im so jealous of you getting to goto Cali adventure whenever you like -sigh- Ive really been craving rides lately, California Cruising was awesome.

NewlyInspired said...

Yes so cute all of them! Thanks so much lovely bloggers. Unfortunately I didn't get these because they don't have my size. I'm still on a shoe hunt!

Ediot said...

thanks for the tip. great picks!