Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cali Adventure.

2fer is AWESOME!

Went to Cali Adventure after work, which by the way is the BEST time to go. Zero lines. Zero parking hassle. Zero sunburns :) Didn't take a photo of what I wore; I went pretty casual. Furst denim jeans, AA Deep V-Neck, VS Hoodie, Uggs (I know, I know... But they did keep me warm!), F21 purple beanie at night. I was in awe of the electrical parade since I haven't seen it since I was 8. A must see!


aficionada said...

aww I love Disney ♥
was just there with my Hubbay over the weekend (in Orlando!) missing it already.... I should have tons of pics of our stay up on my Blog soon.. *great blog by the way! (=

NewlyInspired said...

aficionada-Thank you! I've only been to the Disney in Orlando once (long time ago). Would LOVE to go back!

Siljesfashion said...

Just added you to my bloggroll. One must be crazy to not love Disney?? So many fashionable characters like Snowwhite, the witch, Cinderella and so much more! Haha, thanks for adding me to!

Ediot said...

you got the look! really cute!