Monday, September 1, 2008


Ran into this construction site on the way into town. Hubby and I decided to stop for a quick shoot with the few things I had in my car :)

Skirt, F21. Shirt, Target. Boots, M by MJ. Sunnies, Bitten. Blazer, Ralph Lauren

Dress work as skirt, F21. Shirt, H&M. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell.

More photo ops to come with the hubby this labor day weekend. I've also been coveting body chains from the A. Wang fall show by the lovely Wasson. I'm on a hunt to re-create it for you all lovelies. Happy Labor Day!!!


erika said...

sweeeeeeet photoshooot :) your blazer is so cute. and love the jeffrey campbells.

Dakota77 said...

Very nice photoshoot! That blazer is great, the ideal one:-)

TiKeDi said...

love the photoshoot...i especially loveeee the blazer

Ediot said...

cool pics. great blazer

Kira Fashion said...

Fantastic and I do love this cool blazer!!!

a kiss!!!

NewlyInspired said...

Thank you! The hubby thanks you all as well. He's growing great interest in photography :)

R said...

Very cute photoshoot, I lovee the blazer, with the nice simple skirt. And such a cute puppy! omg I want to steal him. What kind is he?

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

I used to have the same blazer and had to sell it due to ill oversized fitting
why does it look so good on EVERYONE else?