Wednesday, September 3, 2008



Recent project completed during labor day weekend. I think it went well :) Thoughts? Labor day was fun-filled and extremely hot! How was everyone's long weekend?

Shorts, F21. Shirt, Target. Boots, M by MJ. Chain, self made.


Mickie said...

I'm gonna steal your puppy. He's too adorable for words, he definately needs his own photoshoot lol.

Dakota77 said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your long weekend:-). Charger is so sweet, pat him from me, please:-)
I've shown my second cat on my blog lately:-)

erika said...

COOL CHAINS!!! hey i wanted to ask where in SD are u from? i am visiting my BF here and we are in la jolla/UTC area. is there an H&M here? in any of the malls? we should meet up and double date :P show me some gooooood shoppin!!! or what are some good places to eat? hehe sorry so many questions..we also have a doggie so maybe we will see u at the dog beach or park :)

oh yeah and do your boots have heels? they are super cute and i bought some flat ones from nine west that look like them!

Ediot said...

what an interesting shirt- never seen anything like it! looks good on you. take care!

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

how'd you do this?? I love it! I love how you didn't go too far, too

NewlyInspired said...

Hola all! Sorry in the response delay.

MIckie: Thanks lovely. He is sooo good too!

Erika: No H&M in UTC that I know of. There is one at the Otay Ranch Mall down in chula vista. Thai House in Clairamont is BOMB. Seau's for Sushi is BEST! Vigilucci's for Italian..Mmmmm. Ya our pups could play together! LOL! He still needs 1 more shot set before we could take him to doggie parks though. Hope you had a blast, but at least you could go here for your next visit :)

ediot: That's what I said when I saw it at target...Sold!

Dana: I bought 2 sets of chains (1 thin and 1 thick) and just went with it. Thanks for the comment!