Friday, October 24, 2008


Hello beautiful people :) I've been tagged by dakotascatsandclothes to share my oddities. I may have done this in the past so these are my latest...

My quirks:
I randomly get urges to be a super clean freak; but always stop mid-way through due to realization that my idea was crazy. No I can't clean the entire house from floor to ceiling in one evening. Ridiculous.

I hate smelling like food. After cooking if I smell a slight scent of food on me I will definitely shower and change clothes.

I am addicted to spin class. No matter how tired I am i'm always down to spin :)

I LOVE Hello Kitty. Seriously ADDICTED! To the point where if my dog was a girl her name would be Hello Kitty. Ya, I know...

I was born and raised in San Diego and plan to live here for a long time. I love the city TOO much that I can't bear to part with it. I'll still visit other places to widen my horizons though :)

I tag FashionSquad, Fashion Key, KIRAFASHION, Silje's Fashion, MAHALO FASHION.

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Kira Fashion said...

Thanks a lot my sweet friend!
you made my day! I am so happy!
Its an honor, because i do love your blog and style!

a kiss!!
ser you,
have a great weekend,