Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Red Rover, Red Rover.

Looks like Charger loves the camera :) He couldn't help but get in my shots, but its okay...he makes great background.

Dress, Anthropologie. Belt, thrifted. Cardigan, Old Navy. Shoes, Nine West. Sunnies, F21.


Richel said...

really cute outfit!

Dakota77 said...

You're both looking cute:-). I love cardigans.

Denise said...

you braided your hair so beautiful! and i really adore that dress it looks so vintage!

Mimi said...

Did you do your own hair? If I did mine it would look like a mess!
Love the last pic of you :)

NewlyInspired said...

Thanks lovelynesses!! Yes I braided my own hair :) Through previous cheerleading I self-taught myself!!!

Wendy said...

Good addition of the yellow cardigan!

Dakota77 said...

The braids look really good on you:-)

Ediot said...

digging the cardi!